Stress Reduction Tip

A popular meditation and stress reduction technique is about water. Maybe it is because our bodies are mostly water.

Just shut your eyes and think about being in a beautiful place where there is water. Take a deep breath in, relax, and picture yourself just floating on the water until you’re relaxed. Now begin thinking that you are the water. Not merely thinking of floating on the water, but that you are actually the water, as if the water in you has dissolved into this body of water. Water is in constant flow moving towards its own balance. Water seeks its own level. So, as you are flowing towards balance no matter what the journey, you are adapting to that environment and constantly moving, constantly flowing.

After you have been in this state of meditation, you can just bring your awareness back into your body, bringing your awareness to floating on the water, bringing your awareness back to the image of this beautiful place. You can return here anytime you need to, it only takes a few moments. Just shut your eyes and remember.

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