4,000 Pounds in 2020?

We are closing on 3,000 pounds of contributions, which was what UUCJ members and friends donated to Arlington Community Services in 2019.  A 4,000 goal is possible if we keep the current pace of donations. Thanks for the food contributions and cash donations to ACS. UUCJ/ACS Teamsters delivered 71 pounds to ACS this Tuesday due in part to a cash donation from Marion Hines.

Message from Mary Louise Weber, Executive Director, Arlington Community Services:

We are very thankful for the blessing of your continued monetary gifts, gift cards, masks, children’s books, personal hygiene items, and food. We were able to feed 257 and help 48 financially in August. We are gratefully serving our neighbors’ thanks to your generous donations.

Current needs are: canned peas, corn, mixed beans, pork and beans, mixed vegetables, tomatoes, yams, potatoes, instant potatoes, gravy, Hamburger Helper, Jiffy Cornbread Mix, canned meat, tuna, and laundry detergent.

Be Safe. Do Good. Stay in love with God. Peace.

Arlington Community Services
1450 Rogero Road
Jacksonville, FL 32211

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