Mary Claire Van der Horst’s Birthday

Come help us celebrate Mary Claire Van der Horst’s 90th birthday next Sunday, Sept. 13th.

Here is the plan: Jeannie, Timothy, and Ann will arrive at 3 pm and do a mini-concert for Mary Claire under her carport. Next, we will do a “Drive-Through” in our cars and send our good wishes to this lovely lady, who worked so hard representing UUCJ throughout the years.

We will meet at the Pleasant Grove Primitive Baptist Church parking lot by 3:45pm. Address is 5644 Trout River Blvd. This is a short distance from her house and is on the same side of the street. Lad and Mindy will help organize the procession from there. We will mark her driveway with balloons- the house is set back and not visible from the road.  Enter the driveway, say hello to Mary Claire, and proceed in a “U” fashion to exit.

There is just one entrance and exit, so take turns and be safe. In case of rain, we will position Mary Claire under the carport, so we will still be able to do this.

Hope you can make it!

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