Help celebrate Mary Claire’s 90th birthday!

A drive-through celebration is planned for Sunday, September 13 to celebrate Mary Claire Van der Horst’s 90th birthday, an icon of UUCJ.

Here is the plan: Jeannie Heubner and Timothy Edwards will at Mary’s house at 3:30 to serenade her as she is escorted outside by her son David, who knows about this. Then at 4:00 pm, we will begin our drive-through by entering her driveway, giving her our best wishes, and making a “U” to exit. The passenger side of the car will be facing Mary Claire should you want to place any signs or decorations. There will also be a table nearby should you wish to place a small gift or remembrance.

We will meet at 3:45 at Pleasant Grove Primitive Baptist Church at 5644 Trout River Blvd., which is a short distance away from Mary Claire, and on the same side of the street to line up and commence the drive-through.

Note: There is only one entrance and exit to the driveway, so we will have to take turns coming in and going out. Social distancing will be practiced. If you would like to participate and get Mary’s address, please email Donna Janesky at . Hope you can make it.

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