Please welcome Krystalle Voecks, Tech Support Consultant

Krystalle comes to UUCJ with a long history of working in the tech industry (started with AOL years ago!)  She has spent her first two weeks with UUCJ learning the Sunday morning worship technical process and has already provided helpful suggestions and technology recommendations.  Krystalle’s major focus will be on providing the tech support for our Sunday services.  She will also be available to help members of the congregation to feel more comfortable with Zoom, both as participant and as host. So, if you’ve been thinking about creating a community group (Friday lunch, Saturday virtual dinner together?), or new affinity group, Krystalle can help you learn how to make that happen.  If you’re interested in providing a class Krystalle can help you learn how to do that as well. If you just want help learning Zoom so you can attend virtual church on Sunday, Krystalle can help.  Krystalle will not be “hosting” people’s groups — but will be facilitating your learning and comfort with the process.  Krystalle can be reached at .  

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