Tips for Stress Management

The UUCJ Caring Committee has decided to post tips for stress management. This week’s tip: Make a list of the little things that makes you happy, or bring you joy, or make you feel calm. These can be things like having your favorite tea in your favorite tea cup, or having a cup of tea and watching the squirrels outside the window, or listening to music, or sending a few moments talking to your dog. From this list each day take two or three items and plan them into your day as a break. This way you have something to look forward to doing. And you have a period of time to just block out everything else except this is no-stress-allowed special moment. This is a mindfulness technique. It helps you regulate your stress level. It helps you to recognize those little things in your day that help with stress, that bring you joy, or just contentment. It helps you to realize you have the power to change your mood.

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