Posts from July 2020

Posts from July 2020

Communications Director’s Vacation

Tina Ramey, the Communications Director, is taking a vacation the first week of August. She will have limited availability by email during that time. So, she asks that you turn in any announcements for next week’s e-blast by this Friday (July 31).

Our Garden Continues to Grow Food for Those in Need!

In spite of the pandemic, Arlington Community Garden continues to grow food for the food pantry at Arlington Community Services. In May and June 117 pounds of fresh produce were delivered, making a total of over 5,576 pounds of produce delivered since we started this UUCJ project. JU has asked if their students can again be involved with the garden in the fall and a professor at UNF has asked if some of his students can be involved as well,…

Caring Candles

Lad Hawkins has had heart valve replacement surgery and he was discharged on July 22, 2020. Everything went well and he is recovering at home.  Cards, emails and phone calls would be appreciated. Joyce and Charlie Milford will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on August 8, 2020 by renewing their vows at Christ Episcopal Church Ponte Vedra.  They were married on August 8, 1970 at UUCJ.  Congratulations Joyce and Charlie!

Stress Tip of The Week

One of the fastest ways to shift out of stress is to take a deep breath. Imagine taking in a big breath then picture breathing it out through the bottom of your feet into the the Earth, the center of the Earth, to recycle. It’s just energy—extra energy you don’t need. Ahhhhh!  Now picture breathing in the grounding energy of the Earth: breath in the smell and feel of the rich dirt, the grass. Then, do it again. This exercise  of controlled breathing…

Thanks for Helping Our Arlington Neighbors

UUCJ/Arlington Community Services Teamsters delivered 46 pounds of contributions last week. Needs Per Arlington Community Services: canned meats, canned chicken, canned soup, canned Potatoes, Jiffy Cornbread Mix, pop top pasta dinners, Vienna Sausages, sardines, laundry detergent, toothpaste, tooth brushes, bottled water, clean white t-shirts and socks for the homeless. Be safe. Do Good.

Caring Candles

Lad Hawkins has just had heart valve replacement surgery and expected to be discharged on Thursday afternoon, July 22. Everything went well and he will be recovering at home. Cards, emails, and phone calls would be appreciated.

Speaker Bio: Brian Lapinski

Brian Lapinski is a native who returned to Jacksonville and started a farm. He got a degree in Sociology, worked as a teacher and case manager in DC, and then travelled until distilling his dream of growing food sustainably. His wife and two daughters love living at Down to Earth Farm and enjoy the bounty and challenges it offers.  He’s been a member of UUCJ for 15 years and is grateful to study and reflect on how to live our…

Tips for Stress Management

The UUCJ Caring Committee has decided to post tips for stress management. This week’s tip: Make a list of the little things that makes you happy, or bring you joy, or make you feel calm. These can be things like having your favorite tea in your favorite tea cup, or having a cup of tea and watching the squirrels outside the window, or listening to music, or sending a few moments talking to your dog. From this list each day take two or…

Arlington Community Services Update

Thanks for Your Continued Donations to Arlington Community Services both in groceries and cash donations. UUCJ/ACS Teamsters currently is only measuring donated groceries by individuals and Arlington Community Garden.  Teamsters delivered 36 pounds of contributions last week and 65 this week. Several individuals are making cash contributions directly to ACS and to the Teamsters, which are included in our totals, to purchase food donations. While we encourage both methods of contributing, we will not report cash contributions. ACS acknowledges each cash donation…

Letter from The President

Dear UUCJ Family, I know that there are those of us who are anxious to be able to gather physically on the UUCJ campus and be in community together. The Board totally understands this desire to be together again. However, we continue to feel strongly that we have an obligation to ensure the well-being and safety of all our members, including those who are at high risk for contracting the COVID-19 virus. The Board is weighing all available recommendations—from the UUA, CDC,…