Letter from The President, June 8, 2020

Dear UUCJ Family,

Several weeks ago, I sent you a letter announcing that Rev. Roberta and Rev. Marti were going to return to UUCJ in September and share a half-time position through December of this year.  Unfortunately, after deep consideration, they have determined that this would not serve the interests or needs of the church, and they will not be with us this fall.  They know they will not be able to travel to Jacksonville during this time and feel that the combination of “virtual church” and actual physical distance would produce almost insurmountable obstacles to providing effective ministry.

Your Board is saddened by this decision, but honors and respects Rev. Roberta and Rev. Marti for their honest determination of the limitations imposed on them by the issues related to the pandemic.  We are deeply grateful to both of them for their expert and loving guidance and ministry during their time with us.  They have provided so much learning and stability to the entire congregation, and we will miss them both very much.  

Rev. Marti will be in the pulpit (virtually) on Sunday, June 14, and Rev. Roberta will be joining her during the service to say “goodbye.” 

The Board is in the process of forming a search committee, which will do the work of finding a half-time minister to start in September.  This person will be a contract minister; at this time the length of the contract has not been determined.

Please join us in thanking Rev. Robert () and Rev. Marti () for their contributions of wisdom, time, and grace to UUCJ during their time here.  

Yours in faith,
Penny Reid

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