An Update from your Ministers

Rev. Marti and Rev. Roberta are pleased that so many of you are stepping up to offer programs and tech support during this time of virtual church. You will begin to see your Worship Associates taking a bigger role in the Sunday services beginning this Sunday. Both of the usual Sunday morning adult education opportunities (Spiritual Studies and Playing with Ideas) are now being offered via Zoom. Watch future enews for further information about how to attend these online adult education sessions.

Look for information in the next week or so about online adult education offerings from your ministers. Rev. Marti is putting together an online Haiku writing workshop, and Rev. Roberta will be offering several sessions of Bible for Liberals classes.

We have noted a dwindling interest in the Thursday evening Pastoral Conversation so we are discontinuing it. You can always contact us ( or ) for pastoral conversations.

Finally, a huge thank you to our staff (Jess, Virginia, Tina and Judy) for all the ways that they have adjusted to this virtual church reality and made it their business to keep all the core ministries of the congregation going under challenging circumstances.

Rev. Marti and Rev. Roberta

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