Letter from the President, February 2020

Dear UUCJ Family,

Out of their concern for the financial well-being of UUCJ, Rev. Roberta and Rev. Marti have requested that their contracts be converted from 12-month contracts (through July 31, 2020) to 11-month contracts (through June 30, 2020).  After much thoughtful conversation, weighing the pros and cons of this decision, the UUCJ Board has approved their request, which will save the church approximately $7000 in salary and expenses. Rev. Roberta will be taking her accrued vacation in May.  Rev. Marti will take her vacation in June and will be on campus June 11-14.

We are very appreciative of this generous offer from Marti and Roberta.  Please contact any board member if you have any questions.

Penny Reid

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