2020 Service Auction News

The Service Auction will take place March 29th this year. If you feel like it’s coming around quickly this year — it is! It usually happens in May. Two reasons for the date change:  less competition from other events in March than May and more time in the year to schedule our service donations.

The Fundraising Team is feeling very encouraged about the new year 2020 and are so appreciative of our interim ministers to help us along the way. The theme is “Spring Fever” and with a renewed spirit we are asking for your donation of services. How to donate?  Fill out a form on our website: http://bit.ly/serviceauction2020. Hard copies are on the door of the Sanctuary and the bulletin board in the Social Hall — lots of good ideas on these.  Forms can be dropped off at the office or any member of the Fundraising Team:  Cyd Reider, Alex Oleszak, Arlene Anderson or Darlene Larsen. Questions? Email: .

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