Leadership Summit Goals

Last August your co- transition ministers hosted an information gathering Leadership Summit attended by board members and committee chairs, helping them to find out about congregational roles, responsibilities, and hopes for what a successful year together might look like.

Last Saturday, January 11, as promised, they held a mid-year meeting, once again checking in with the 23 leaders who were present, and then brainstorming a list of possible achievable objectives by summer and the end of the ministers’ contract with UUCJ.  After a voting process, the following goals/objectives were selected:

  1. To create a process and hold conversations to discuss what draws people to or discourages people from being part of our congregation. The questions are why are we not more diverse, why do we have so few youth and younger adult members, and why do people leave?  Responsibility: Minster Rev. Roberta and the Transition Team.
  2. To fill the current vacancies on our committees. Would changing the name of these from “committees” to “teams” with what this might mean for how they function, enhance participation, and communication?  Responsibility: Rev Marti and members interested in leadership development.
  3. Explore ways to increase income the rest of this fiscal year. Responsibility: everyone on board and committees in stewardship portfolio OR a small task force.

Look for more information and  updates in future e-blasts, ministers’ reports, and Sunday bulletins.

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