Stocking Stuffers — UUCJ Pens

The sale of each pen supports and advertises UUCJ.

The Fund Raising Team has two types of imprinted pens for sale; both have a  stylus on the opposite end: A royal blue one that lights up our info ($3) and an attractive navy one with silver trimming ($2). Combined with stationery they make great gifts that will keep our church’s name in the limelight, literally. The pens alone are especially appropriate for future new members.

If you interested in purchasing pens see Cyd Reider, Reider, Jeanne Huebner, Arlene Anderson, Betsy Duerling, Janine Leland, Teri Mitchell, or Darlene Larsen. Penny Reid has pens for our Fernandina members. All proceeds from the pens go to UUCJ. Such a winning idea for all — we hope you will consider it!

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