Letter from the President, December 2019

Dear UUCJ Family,

Thank you to all who attended the Congregational Meeting on December 16.  We had over 65 people in attendance!

Thank you to Rev. Marti for her wonderful message about telling our story “forward”, and to Jeff Funderburk for moderating the meeting.  All of the motions presented were approved:  minutes for the January 13, 2019 and April 14, 2019 Special Congregational Meetings;  2020 UUCJ Budget; and the slate of board nominees.  (Note:  the Board of Directors selects the officers of the Board.)

2020 Board of Directors:
         President:                                    Penny Reid
         Vice-President:                            Vince Ober
         Treasurer:                                    Liz Dion
         Secretary:                                    Karen Smith-Scott
         Inreach Portfolio Chair:                Tessie Bond
         Outreach Portfolio Chair:             Jennifer Tucker
         Operations Portfolio Chair:          Gary Rhodes
      Stewardship Portfolio Chair:    Blanche Williams

In addition, Carlos Fraticelli and Tom Larson were elected to the UUCJ Foundation Board of Directors.

Thank you to all who serve UUCJ as Board and Foundation Board members!

Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday Season.

Penny Reid, President

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