National Registry of Historic Places

Kudos to Kathleen McKenzie and David Laffitte!!

Because of their tireless work in support of our application, UUCJ has been officially listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, effective October 15, 2019.

Kathleen started the process several years ago, researching UUCJ’s history and writing letters. She eventually worked with Andrew Waber, historic preservationist with the Florida Division of Historical Resources, who helped to move our application through the process.

David and Kathleen even travelled to Tallahassee to participate in a review of our application.  David presented on some of the unique architectural features of the building and Kathleen discussed UUCJ’s social justice ministry history and present-day mission as well as our decision to stay in the Arlington neighborhood to help fulfill our missions with other neighborhood agencies and residents, and to promote the renaissance of the neighborhood.

Being named to the National Registry will not limit us in any way and may open up the possibility for us to receive grant funding in the future.  But the truly important thing is that this recognition is a wonderful way to honor our building and history and our church community. We are so grateful for Kathleen’s and David’s gifts of time and talent to make it happen. Thank you!!

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