UUPCC Cross-Cultural Pilgrimage

The Unitarian Universalist Partner Church Council is offering pilgrimage opportunities in July.

Cross-Cultural Pilgrimage

Join with partners from NE India and Romania to explore our shared roots in Transylvania.

  • Intercultural Hospitality: Indians and North Americans gather to share food and fellowship with Transylvanian friends.
  • Transylvanian Sunday: Travelers will attend a service with UU’s from three continents!
  • Spiritual Growth Abounds: Explore new horizons based on our shared Unitarian faith.
  • 16th Century Roots: Visit our founding Hungarian Unitarian church and other historical sites.

Together with Unitarians from the Khasi Hills, experience our shared historic roots with our Romanian partners during this 2 week budget pilgrimage in the pastoral countryside of central Transylvania.

Trip begins in Bucharest Wednesday, July 31, and ends back in Bucharest Tuesday, August 13, 2019.

Learn more and register by visiting the UUPCC website!

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