Outreach Partnership

Riverkeepers looks for volunteers & UUCJ looks to keep our pond healthy. Partnering = positive impact on Campus & all of NE Florida!

There are even teaching CRUISES during the year! See all events at: http://www.stjohnsriverkeeper.org/events

“As a resident near the river, I participate almost daily in picking up trash that would wind up in the river and I garden in “green” (no pesticides no herbicides) to minimize my impact on the river. The Riverkeepers counts on all of us to help in the healing of the St John’s.” unofficial spokeswoman, Yanella Parra.

2 Responses to “Outreach Partnership

  1. I was on a walk with Native Plant Society and Riverkeeper last week. I spoke to the Riverkeeper lady about volunteering as a liaison between UUCJ and SJRK. I’m transferring my membership from St. Augustine UU to here. Signing the book this Sunday. So, I’m interested. :)

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