An Invitation from the Sikh Society

The Sikh Society of NE Florida has extended an invitation to our congregation to attend their Vaisakhi festival service:

Sunday, April 15th @9:30am
Gurudwara Sahib
6019 E Morrow St
Jacksonville, FL 32217

Program for April 15, 2018:
• 9:30 AM Breakfast
• 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM Recital of Gurbani and singing of hymns in the praise of God
• 12:30 PM Ardaas (Sikh prayer for peace, universal brotherhood & prosperity to the God) followed by Hukamnama (Guru’s words of wisdom for the day) and Karah Prasad (offerings)
• 12:45 PM Guru Ka Langar (Blessed Vegetarian Lunch, a symbol of Equality)

Learn more about the Vaisakhi festival here:

Find out more about the Sikh Society of NE Florida:


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