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Recent Sermons

Second Time Around

How would your behavior change in any given circumstance if you thought that you would have to watch it all over again? Join us on Sunday as Rev. Lee Anne explores some of the religious traditions that posit an end of life review. She’ll also discuss modern reports offered by those who have had a near death experience.

Resuscitation, Resurrection, and Reincarnation

The Easter story is replete with opportunities to interpret its “true” meaning. There are seven atonement theories that attempt to explain and give meaning to Jesus’s death on a cross. What if atonement weren’t the point at all? What if Jesus came to live, not to die? What if Easter is a metaphor with an entirely different hopeful message? Join Rev. Lee Anne as she explores the meaning of the Easter story and applies the metaphor to our beloved community.

Let’s Talk God

Many Unitarian Universalists are allergic to the word God. They have rebelled against the portrayals of God in the Bible and the maddening inconsistencies. They are right to reject the standard interpretation of God. Christians, Jews, and Muslims have been taught that there is one God and that that one God can be found in the Hebrew, Christian, and Muslim scriptures. Now, what if I told you that the English translations and the “party line” cover up three different God…


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